Violation enforcement & abatement.

Township wide management of municipal sewer districts.

Preparation of township wide or area specific Act 537 plans.

Construction observation of septic system installation.

All weather inspection services!

Soil description...

Berks Envirotech, Inc.

Comprehensive Municipal Sewage Enforcement Officer Services

This is Berks Envirotech's specialty and we do it all at competitive rates!

Administration of Municipal Sewage Management Programs (SMPs)

We can assist your municipality with preparing a new sewage ordinance, development and administration of a SMP. We can tailor a program to meet any municipality's needs.

Preparation of Municipal Act 537 Official Plans

Over twenty-five years experience preparing sewage needs analyses and Act 537 official plans.

Soils Evaluation

Our sewage enforcement officers are trained and licensed to evaluate soil limiting zones. When necessary, we have an ARCPACS certified soil scientist to analyze soil morphology.

Percolation Testing

Need your lot perced? Call us!

Review of Subdivision/Land Development Planning Modules

We review subdivision and land development planning modules for compliance with state and local codes for every municipality we serve.

Permitting and Inspection of On-Lot Sewage Disposal Systems

An important part of municipal SEO services. We protect municipal residents by making sure construction is performed in accordance with state and local codes.

Envirotech & Associates, Inc.

Municipal/Consulting Engineering

We are ready and able to provide engineering services to municipalities and to municipal authorities. Please contact us for a proposal.

Municipal Water/Wastewater Design

We can handle all phases of a project from initial planning & design through bid proposals, construction & inspection.

Municipal Codes/Zoning Administration

We have experience with municipal zoning and code enforcement.

Stormwater Testing

We also offer storm water testing using the Guelph Permeometer, an approved method that is more accurate and efficient than the double ring method that is often used.

On-lot Sewage Disposal System Design

We can design any on-lot sewage disposal system. Small or large; residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional; individual or community. We have designed hundreds of systems!

Preparation of Subdivision/Land Development Planning Modules

We can prepare subdivision and land development planning modules for any client at a lower cost than larger civil engineering firms would charge.

Preparation, Planning and Design of Small Flow Sewage Treatment Facilities

We help clients navigate the complexities of PA DEP planning and permitting requirements.

Special studies of proposed sewer districts.

Design a new sewage plant or retrofit an existing one!

On-site inspection of municipal infrastructure projects.

Utilizing the Guelph Permeometer for storm water testing.

All types of on-lot sewage disposal system designs.

...and analysis.